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John J. Higgins is the author of a marvelous trilogy, The Archangel Jarahmael & The War To Conquer Heaven, including In The Beginning, In Rebellion, and In Exile. Though only just begun reading his trilogy (via Kindle), and with more reading lined up “than time or money” in several lifetimes, this post is only an introduction to Mr. Higgins, not his trilogy. But it is already clear that there is something highly original going on here. While critique first deserves real reading, if there is such a thing as deep fun, I can already see it coming. John’s trilogy may be an unabashed example of “good artists copy, great artists steal,” but let’s save the review for Amazon.

Among his other personas, including as an attorney, former state prosecutor, and radio host, Mr. Higgins publishes an interview show called Hanging With Higgins, available on YouTube. John somehow found this fledgling TGWT, via the voluminous Twitter (luck worthy of angels in the creative sphere and pace that now characterizes our lives) and payed the particular compliment of communicating personally. Now discovered, I made a point of watching several of his hour-long author interviews, particularly struck by one with Robin M. Gilliam, in the context of her novel, Gift Of Desperation: A Claire Sebastian Novel, described on it’s Amazon page as “a fast paced ride with Claire and Evi into the depths of desperation and out again into hope.”

An author, artist and therapist, among others, Mrs. Gilliam also has an interesting professional and compelling personal story. In this interview, she and Mr. Higgins have a remarkable interchange about the nature of addiction, art (“writing as collage”), art therapy, and finally overcoming the bad times, “everybody’s bottom,” through that “Gift of Desperation,” and which more people share than is probably recognized. Robin’s Amazon Author Page, describing her essential philosophy: “She believes that creative expression is essential to healing and growing through life.” There is much to share here:


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