Democratic Capitalism, No Oxymoron


Venezuela today epitomizes the dismal reality of socialist economics and authoritarian government control. Everywhere radical leftists dominate affairs, it’s the common people who they purport to serve who suffer the most:

If you’re not young and strong, you’re out of luck shopping:

Venezuela  should be a veritable paradise with its petro and other vast resources. Its ocean geography and climate make it ideal for agriculture, international trade and a tourist mecca. Instead we witness the fruits of socialism, the inevitable end when self-important, autocratic leftist elites and their incompetent bureaucrats are empowered to control and micromanage every aspect of a nation and its people’s lives. What follows has too often ended in utter disaster and tragedy in history. Capitalism may not be perfect, but at least the shelves, especially for basic goods, aren’t empty:


The affects of fascism are a tragic history. This somewhat dated, but brilliant article by Lee Hieb, M.D. , OBAMACARE AND FASCISM IN AMERICA, provides a moment of clarity concerning America’s foolish capitulation to the Democratic Party and their “Pied Piper’s” cloaked left-wing healthcare agenda. They may not be Nazis, but the consequences of their policies are wreaking havoc on American lives, with potential long-term consequences. The Democrat agenda has been too much, too fast, in a bureaucratic, government controlled context, with no apparent regard for possible alternatives, or recognition that one of the roots of America’s healthcare crisis is itself the long-time government domination of the industry. One conspicuous problem with the left is that they only ever seem to know (or care) how to turn things in one direction…. This article compliments of the venerable WorldNetDaily

Obamacare and fascism in America

Jun 25, 2015 – She is past president of the Association of American Physicians and … And Obamacare – read Medicare on Steroids – is a government monopoly on medical care. …. Follow WND On …

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