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Respect, a conspicuous double standard…


Should the context for a contemporary dialogue concerning traditionally defined supersessionism be expanded? The traditional model (and definition) exclusively points to Christianity as a replacement theology specifically superceding its Judaic roots. Since the nineteenth century, with the dissemination of communications and greater geographic interconnection, its historic legacy has diffused into a more universal social mechanism, though It was never unusual for cultural groups to allege the preeminence of their own belief system over others.

For purposes of a relevant dialogue here, the original model should only be the beginning of an expanded exploration of the basic concept of supersessionism in a modern context, especially its association with contemporary fascist and totalitarian models, including Islam, National Socialism, Socialism and Communism, all claiming exceptional rights to supercede earlier and traditional structures of social and economic organization, including rules of ethical behavior and the limits of autocratic and bureaucratic power.

While this is salient to interdenominational conflicts, more interesting are its effects in intradenominational controversies, but with somewhat greater, everyday consequences and importance. Since the end of the nineteenth century, the political left has attempted to supplant the traditional religious-social status quo with its own ideological dogma, while emulating it (ironically) with an aggressive style of religious like authority, ostensibly modern, though essentially another variety of “replacement theology.”

Dialogue concerning recent Liberation Theology is of related interest, but most critical and compelling today are the geopolitical implications of the violent expansion of Islamic Jihad. In this expanded context, supersessionism is a grave international issue, far beyond the traditional Judeo-Christian model. Between the totalitarian ambitions of the radical left, its surrogates and soft allies, and the intrinsic cultural-theological obligations of Islamic Jihad, with its enormous demographic implications, human civilization is approaching the precipice of the severe erosion, if not demise, of personal liberty.

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