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Welcome to The Ghostwriter Tomes. If you may be interested in subscription publishing your original work in this digital magazine in the future, including video, photography, artistic, literary, essay, scientific, white paper or contributing non-subscription, center column editorial content, please leave a comment with your contact and other information. We will contact you when open for subscription publishing. The preliminary standard fee is $36/year for  digital space up to six pages (500 word equiv. – A4/8×11 – 3000 words total), plus a service fee for additional content change during a subscription year. Contributing subscribers are provided a dedicated four line, page information listing-link in the left sidebar.

An open forum for dialogue, friendly, controversial or provocative, this magazine will not practice censorship; however, at our discretion, pornographic or content advocating violence may not be published. Business inquiries and personal contact information are never published. All Recent Open Commentary forum responses are screened prior to publication; sales spam is prohibited.

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