Do what you’re told, but at least think for yourself



This is critical history clarified, with obvious ramifications concerning current Democrat syndicate racism diatribe  against Republicans, in particular, the Trump Republicans.


“Very few people read the book… He talked like an American politician,” an Austrian’s riveting account of the consequences of five years of ignorance and blind trust in socialist-state bureaucratic control.


Today’s issues far outweigh petty party politics. The devious and incompetent Democrat Party Left and their MSM sycophants need to be dragged, kicking and screaming or not, into acknowledging dangerous reality… In another insightful article published by Accuracy in Media, writer Herbert London clarifies the truth about the “perverse logic” dominating a “fake news” narrative of President Trump’s policies concerning “North Korea, Iran, and yes, Russia…”



Diana West, in this stunning You Tube interview, provides broad and compelling historical perspective concerning the current wiretapping issue, its relationship to the insidious leftist groupthink embedded in government and military culture, and its sinister and seditious implications for the Trump administration, especially confronting Islamic jihad.



The latest Obama controversy, wiretapping President Trump, illustrates how dangerously dedicated to control at any cost Democrats have become. Obama and Company, so worried that the Russians were a threat, apparently took early decisive action to head them off at the pass, with numerous Russian meetings at the White House.
These events surrounding the ever more strange and bizarre culture that has grown in and around the “evil party” continue to amaze, and thoroughly disappoint.  Commenter “Gigi,” following Susan Stamper Brown’s Townhall article, “Bullies With A Russian Fetish,” sums it up quite aptly, “They have elevated hypocrisy to an art form…”
Unfortunately, Democrat syndicate media continues to aid and abet the left-wing’s ongoing “cultural revolution,” their charade to “fundamentally transform America,” including sabotaging President Trump’s administration at any cost.  Humberto Fontova, in his most recent Townhall article, “The Washington Post (Which Demands Full-Disclosure from Jeff Sessions) Has Undisclosed Links to Castro-Regime Torturers,” exposes the insidious links which have authentic life and liberty threatening implications for every American interest.
It should start occurring to people how dangerous the radical Democrat culture has become. They’re  daily showing that, given the opportunity, they have the will to transform America into no less than a  banana republic, including using focused and relentless mob/thug violence; squelching the rights of the First Amendment, while lying, cheating, and stealing the Republic blind if they’re not judiciously and firmly confronted. Those unprecedented trillions of dollars of debt incurred during Obama’s regime, with so little to tangibly show for it, are just a tip of the iceberg of the consequences the nation will suffer, not unlike Venezuela….


“Americans should have zero tolerance for voter fraud.” – Deroy Murdock, Jan. 28, 2017 @ Townhall

Americans have become sloppy by their acquiescence of radical-left Democrat Party manipulation of the voting process. Democrats have a notorious, long established culture of corruption gaming the voting system, starting with their original KKK roots, and continuing thru the 20th century. It’s time to make voting controls inviolable from future fraud, starting with an uncorrupted investigation. Everything is at stake…



The hallmark of the Obama presidency will be its devastating division of the nation, probably unprecedented since the Civil War, and the role that the mainstream media played as it abandoned its fiduciary responsibility of objective and accurate reporting, instead favoring a cult-like “popular,” but insidious, liberal-left partisan political agenda.

This superb article in ACCURACY in MEDIA, The Top Ten Misreported and Underreported Stories of 2016, by Roger Aronoff, coinciding with the Obama farewell address, sums up the authentic critical state of affairs, and some of the challenges that Democrat Party dominated government and media have left for the Trump administration “change of the guard.”

While the Democrats and company extol their ostensibly (slight) popular vote majority, the real story is their massive rejection by a majority of voters outside of mostly urban liberal-left, critically government funded and dependent strongholds.

The Democrat Party legacy is a world more dangerous than any time in history. A dedicated U.N., left-wing and Islamist world coalition paves its way, only requiring for its ultimate success, “casual” American and free-world capitulation, as exemplified by the Obama administration’s obvious manipulation of events enabling Iran’s growing dominance.  Ironically, considering the recent controversy concerning Russian espionage, it almost appears that the Democrats are competing with Russia to become Iran’s equally important client state. It’s the slow and devious abetting of long failed and destructive socialist-totalitarian, globalist control cultures; another recent and historically illustrative case in point, Cuba and Venezuela, essentially Iranian allies.



Confirmed: American Left Has Resorted to Nazi Brown Shirt Tactics to Take Down Donald Trump



Censorship, intimidation and violence,  government sanctioned and mob orchestrated are often the hallmarks of left-wing strategy and tactics. Watch these two vividly related videos, to be judged for their veracity, regardless of your initial associations concerning their sources or controversial content.  Think twice about casually acquiescing in any compromise of the First Amendment; think, for yourself…



In his succinct, but sweeping essay at Townhall, Professor Hanson reminds us what exactly is at stake as the U.S. Democratic Party has abandoned its fiduciary duty in protecting American (and international) vital interests and legitimate, long-standing humanitarian values. An evolutionary work in progress perhaps, but there is more equal opportunity in America than the BLM movement and their collaborators are acknowledging, in fact unrivaled anywhere on the planet and for all time, actually.
The radical left-wing in this world have a long-standing history of wrecking lives as they take every self-important opportunity to usurp real democracy in the context of authentic constitutional human rights, and evade sheer common sense in the interest of promoting their own vindictive and destructive agendas, particularly focused on establishing their ultimate control of everyday people, even their most basic personal affairs. North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and others are only some of the most extreme examples today.
When Democrats could have had the honorable and competent Sen. Jim Webb to represent them and America in these challenging times, they instead chose an inexperienced, dedicated left-wing globalist operative and Islamist apologist with numerous and legitimate question marks in his personal history, especially in terms of the staggering responsibility, starting with being Commander in Chief. Now the Democrats are attempting to double-down by foisting Hillary Clinton on the nation as POTUS. It is serial incompetence and flagrant malfeasance, when will mainstream Democrats take a step back and come to their senses? Apparently only if they lose the coming election, unable to rig the voting as they have been notorious for doing. They only want to require you to have a picture ID for everything but voting for their government and judicial elite; the joke is on you, honorable mainstream Americans, and it’s the sad truth.
“A HARD RAIN IS GOING TO FALL” – Victor Davis Hanson
Long masters of  political pandering and opportunistic double-talk,  the Clintons epitomize political corruption…

From World Net Daily: “Comey has long history of Clinton related cases,” is this just the tip of a monstrous iceberg?
Sexual and financial controversy are one thing, but masked international dealings which compromise the security of American uranium and fissile resources, enabling their transfer to Russia, in turn risking transfer to the Iranian coalition with North Korea, is almost beyond imagination. The Clinton Chronicles had wide distribution to members of congress but was essentially suppressed and ignored. In any case, everyone should survey this documentary and determine the ramifications for themselves, especially with regard to the coming election and the potential of Hillary Clinton becoming Commander in Chief. This video can’t possibly be rationalized as simply the dirty work of political conspiracists. Something is very rotten in the state…
The only people who are opposed to independence are left and globalist opportunists (or their “useful idiots”) who aren’t really living with it or paying for it in more ways than one… Europe is not America, and need not continue to emulate it with the incredibly contrived imitation that personifies the current structure of the self-serving and abusive EU bureaucracy…
“Big business loves regulations,” something for small business owners and main street Americans, tired of having their pockets indirectly picked by appointed, overreaching bureaucratic fiat, to contemplate; as their own Democratic Party, a heavily bureaucratic culture, similarly runs amok…
America, Murder, Gun Control –  Perspective and Reality
Simple statistics are demonstrable proof that the Democratic Party and left-wing agenda to have ever growing control over honorable citizens’ gun ownership is grounded in their incessant endeavor to have single party control of the nation. It’s now well known that the primary jihadi murderer in the Orlando, Pulse nightclub shootings, was a registered and professional firearms user (as well as registered Democrat and Muslim). The existing laws didn’t fail, government services and errors in bureaucratic judgement failed in this case, as it has persistently concerning immigration and border control. One gun store reported the shooter as suspect shortly before the assault, and the FBI had multiple prior contacts with him…
In any case, this has become another “opportunity” (not to waste) for the Democrats to press for their additional control and micromanagement of American citizens’ lives. In this elucidating 2015 You Tube video, NUMBER ONE WITH A  BULLET, Bill Whittle and Truth Revolt provides important context beyond hysteria.
Democratic Party’s Deliberate Betrayal and Sabotage
Simple statistics are demonstrable proof that the Democratic Party’s agenda is heavily skewed to betray the most serious current  victims (Christians) of the Muslim inspired ethnic cleansing and debacle in the Middle East. Simultaneously and deliberately seeding the traditional American “melting pot” future with a resistantly hostile and dependent burden which will permanently alter the social fabric, they’re bringing probable cultural and religious conflict similar to Western Europe’s, as the demographic affects of the surge of increasingly unvetted Muslim refugees “transforms” America according to the “Party’s” conspicuously bureaucratic dictates. Perhaps mainstream Americans are afraid to concede the truth of what is being foisted on them by an expanding left-wing, Democrat dominated government. Too easily capitulating to  “administrative” fiat, the Democrats’ typical “too much, too fast,” without regard to unintended ( ?) consequences, America (not) slowly morphs into a self-perpetuating, left-wing police state.



Democratic Party Diligence and Responsibility

If Democratic Party candidates reoccupy  the White House in 2017, based on their previous histories we can expect their selfless revolution to continue for the benefit of all, right? A Sanders administration will probably bring new meaning to “fiscal responsibility,” if Bernie’s wife’s administrative record is any indication of a new White House power couple’s business competence. Of course, if the Clintons return, it will just be great fun again; break out the cigars and pizza parties for the kids, what me worry?

Burlington College Feels the Bern! Will Close Thanks to Crushing Debt Acquired by Mrs. Bernie Sanders


Due Diligence, All Citizens’ Right and Responsibility

Only in banana republics need you fear corruption, theft, physical intimidation and assassination by the party elite. Certainly our typically sophisticated and astute grass roots, Democratic Party and “progressive” leaders and loyalist voters in the U.S.A. must be a breed apart from their counterparts in failed, politically criminal left-wing and socialist states; not comparable in regard to their pragmatic and practical concerns, along with their diligent oversight for the protection of the constitution, honorable execution of the laws, and in their interest in the entire nation; and as well, prudent in their program and financial planning,  especially respectful of the taxpayers and businesses on whom the country relies for financial support that keep the proverbial wheels spinning.
There is conjecture here (putting it very mildly), and by the Republicans and some critics of the Democrats that Hillary Clinton, and her proposed “First Man” to be, the former President Bill Clinton, have questionable personal and political histories which must first be addressed; as though the Clintons might be comparable to the Peron’s of Argentina, and Hillary herself a counterpart to the famously regarded, even beloved Eva Peron, especially by the poor for her work to promote womens’ rights and living conditions in Argentina. But for Mrs. Clinton, it would particularly be the merits of her health care initiative. Of course, Eva’s probable political future was abruptly cut short by illness before her own contentious political background could intervene in history.
But is there a viable comparison? Is there sound basis for competent consideration of the allegations and criticisms which dog the Clintons and Hillary in particular? Is the media fair and balanced, and serving the entire people rather than narrow political and moneyed interests? Consider the following You Tube video, the tip of the “iceberg” which should sink the Democrats in the coming election, by responsible voters, political party aside, if even a marginal percentage of the allegations are true.
Is the media complicit in a deliberate coverup? Does 60 Minutes, ostensibly a paragon for honest reporting, actually have a consistent problem concerning a selective political agenda? Watch The 60 Minutes Deception (full length, official documentary) How Clinton affects the media.

Hillary Carries That Hot Sauce America Needs

It’s wonderful to see the USA’s Democrats again demonstrating daring leadership as they blaze a new path in American history by being the first political party to pose a woman, Hillary the Rodham Clinton, as their prime candidate in the coming presidential election. What’s a couple or three long-gone minor incidences of potentially dirty laundry among family, right? After all, who would “make up stuff” (like a list twenty plus and still counting) including more black comedy (and tragedy) than would seem possible in even our insensible world; who else could you trust?





“Wine, women, and song
I tried them all, it did not take me long
To figured I’d unlocked the door to happiness” – Harvey Danger

“Wine, women, and song,” the famously lusty and hedonistic quip, is an ancient hendiatris (three words inferring a single concept) which has passed through a long, multi-linguistic lineage of variations spanning from early recorded Eastern history (Hindi, Greek and biblical) to its current European-Western essence.

Our contemporary version may have its most familiarly recognized origin from the verse, “Who does not love wine, women and song / Remains a fool his whole life long,” generally attributed, by Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations, to Johann Heinrich Voss, though popularly also to Martin Luther.

Johann Strauss II composed his waltz, Wine, Women and Song, Op. 333, in 1869. The third verse of the German national anthem has a variation reading (English) “German women, German loyalty, German wine, and German song.” Its modern essence was captured perfectly by Ian Drury for his pop-music single, a twentieth-century variation renamed “Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll.” [2]

Harvey Danger’s Wine Women and Song

[1] Stephanie Klein, Straight Up and Dirty-(



More than a wisp of hope, “Vietnam’s Gaga is running for office” (REUTERS)

Perhaps more than a wisp of hope for advocates of authentic democracy and human rights, it bodes well for the future that this internationally publicized occurrence concerning Vietnamese politics is being allowed visibility by the ruling Communist bureaucracy.

In our global reality at the precipice of staggering tragedy, from street stabbings, suicide bombers and mass executions to provocative North Korean and Iranian threats of the use of nuclear weapons, as well as recurring banter from the People’s Republic of China that war with America is inevitable, Vietnam is conspicuously assuming its own identity as a force of moderation (if you will) by allowing this progression in its own political process. The ruling bureaucracy is again demonstrating its unique sense of responsibility, independence, ability and desire “to bend in the wind . This can only be construed as an authentic sense of respect for its people and their interests beyond political dogma.

The five-yearly election is the only national poll the public votes in. What has raised eyebrows is that in Vietnam’s two biggest cities, there are more self-nominated applicants than ones backed by the party or state bodies.



Just for starters…



Can’t buy happiness…


The Obvious?

There are few more important life skills than the ability to make correct decisions concerning your financial affairs and future. Exposure to appropriate knowledge, from the earliest possible age, facilitates insight enabling the later attainment of wealth and security. Decision-making becomes critically important for a person’s comfort and welfare as health and personal care issues arise in old age, and as well when an elder’s role becomes significant as a benefactor and source of wisdom. Intrinsic is the ability to read and understand financial information, ranging from standard accounting statements and records to elaborate data sets and history, as well as published articles, books, and informed commentary, in print, on the internet, and via broadcast media. No single book or article can adequately encompass the vast library of published information and experience which informs the characteristics and trading of available investment vehicles. Make no mistake about it, education, formal or by personal initiative, is your technical edge for making smart, effective decisions. It wouldn’t be a stretch to suggest that your personal initiative in acquiring a diversified financial education is significantly more important than any simplistically varied, single sourced or narrowly based bond, stock, mutual fund, or ETF portfolio, even if “professionally” managed.

Market risk, the great terror that comes with investment industry groupthink, the proverbial herd mentality, pales in comparison to the lurking pitfalls of personal confusion and misconceived attitudes. Common sense and realism concerning what you know, and intuitive awareness when you don’t, is essential. Frequently neglected, the emotional aspects of investing and trading can be the most dangerous, especially the failure to understand your personal predispositions that impact judgement and timing, i.e., being habitually impetuous, or inclined to procrastination grounded in irrational fear, especially with a gambler’s attitude. Perhaps most important of all, the cognitive focus and depth implicit to a mature emotional quotient should inspire every investor’s attention, enabling sophisticated study, and more lucrative financial and investment decisions.

Predicting the future in August 2013? Buyer beware, people focus on what they think they see or saw, and believe; you may not agree with this gentleman, but he is indisputably honest and qualified:


Give a man health and a course to steer, and he’ll never stop to trouble about whether he’s happy or not.
GEORGE BERNARD SHAW, Captain Brassbound’s Conversion [1]

If money can’t buy happiness, then “What’s the best thing money can buy?” This question posed in the 26 July 2015 edition of BBC’s “capital”, and its query to – “The best answer to any question,” provided a thoughtful response by Gustavo Freitas, “Money buys you alternatives. . . In the end, having more money gives you “freedom” to make best of your time or if want it, making even more money.” [2]

The “things” money can buy may be irresistibly enjoyable, but they are ephemeral, gone by the latest at the last blink of your life if you’re lucky; but for those of us who may have more time than money, not the highest priority. However, “give a man health and a course to steer,” purpose, a goal might be a smart place to start.


Good Times


John J. Higgins is the author of a marvelous trilogy, The Archangel Jarahmael & The War To Conquer Heaven, including In The Beginning, In Rebellion, and In Exile. Though only just begun reading his trilogy (via Kindle), and with more reading lined up “than time or money” in several lifetimes, this post is only an introduction to Mr. Higgins, not his trilogy. But it is already clear that there is something highly original going on here. While critique first deserves real reading, if there is such a thing as deep fun, I can already see it coming. John’s trilogy may be an unabashed example of “good artists copy, great artists steal,” but let’s save the review for Amazon.

Among his other personas, including as an attorney, former state prosecutor, and radio host, Mr. Higgins publishes an interview show called Hanging With Higgins, available on YouTube. John somehow found this fledgling TGWT, via the voluminous Twitter (luck worthy of angels in the creative sphere and pace that now characterizes our lives) and payed the particular compliment of communicating personally. Now discovered, I made a point of watching several of his hour-long author interviews, particularly struck by one with Robin M. Gilliam, in the context of her novel, Gift Of Desperation: A Claire Sebastian Novel, described on it’s Amazon page as “a fast paced ride with Claire and Evi into the depths of desperation and out again into hope.”

An author, artist and therapist, among others, Mrs. Gilliam also has an interesting professional and compelling personal story. In this interview, she and Mr. Higgins have a remarkable interchange about the nature of addiction, art (“writing as collage”), art therapy, and finally overcoming the bad times, “everybody’s bottom,” through that “Gift of Desperation,” and which more people share than is probably recognized. Robin’s Amazon Author Page, describing her essential philosophy: “She believes that creative expression is essential to healing and growing through life.” There is much to share here:


Looking for better… compliments of INSIDE/OUT AT MoMA!

Migration Rhapsody: An Aleatoric Exploration of the Journey North





BDS Irresponsibility…

Perhaps youthful ignorance can be forgiven, but demagoguery exploiting ignorance is contemptible. Too bad for the besieged Jews and Christians all over the mideast who have been effectively abandoned and betrayed by the left pandering media and smug simpletons of the BDS movement. Kumbaya, anti-colonialism and historical revisionism just doesn’t cut it anymore, it’s all a lot more complicated than that. When you have an authentic 3000 year old legacy you have rights too.

Considering these times, this gentleman is all about honesty and courage: “Everybody has a choice, regardless of their religion… where they have to do right by themselves… I have a responsibility… to stand up for that.”  – Kasim Hafeez



Seriously, “What, me worry?”


Scientific Integrity


Just follow the money

“Published on Dec 17, 2015

Professor Ivar Giaever, the 1973 Nobel Prizewinner for Physics trashes the global warming/climate change/extreme weather pseudoscientific clap-trap and tells Obama he is “Dead Wrong”.
This was the 2012 meeting of Nobel Laureates.
The 2015 speech by Prof Giaever is here…”

(Standard YouTube License)





Exploring “innovation,” it’s interesting that two very geographically small countries in the world rank among  the foremost leaders. Singapore is internationally famous for its business friendly culture and focus on education and science, essentially its only national resources, but which enable it to take its place as one of the most important contributors to international business, trade and scientific innovation in the world. As well, Israel has been famously referred to as a premier business  “Start-up Nation” (Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle by authors Dan Senor and Saul Singer), similarly focused as an entrepreneurial mecca, a business friendly culture with renowned and diverse educational and scientific research resources.

But the two also share some unique history and a not well known relationship on the geopolitical stage, when Israel was critically and uniquely important in supporting Singapore militarily at its very beginning. In this linked article is the account of the visit by SIngapore’s Prime minister Lee Hsien to Jerusalem and his gracious speech at Hebrew University. It’s a redeeming commentary that all the news emanating from that part of the world isn’t violence fraught and contentious. In fact, there’s more positive than not, but which simply needs greater exposure and recognition.

Compliments of You Tube (Standard YouTube License):



James Bennet Interviews Microsoft’s Bill Gates

During his interview with James Bennet for The Atlantic Magazine’s November 2015 issue, Energy Solutions (‘We Need an Energy Miracle’), Microsoft founder Bill Gates stressed that potentially catastrophic climate change, global warming “2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels,” is an urgent problem, and that “wealthy nations like China and the United States” that cause the greatest emissions of warming greenhouse gases, particularly carbon associated, are responsible for finding innovative solutions, and that by 2050 they should be emitting essentially zero carbon into the atmosphere.

Gates doesn’t accept arguments that transitioning from predominantly coal and heavy petroleum energy sources for power plants and transportation, into natural gas fired technology, is adequate to avoid the catastrophic consequences of human induced greenhouse global warming. Although natural gas is significantly cleaner, “it still contributes” to the problem, “and that our best chance to vault over natural gas to a globally applicable, carbon-free source of energy is to drive innovation “at an unnaturally high pace.”

Mr. Gates acknowledges that solar and wind technologies are somewhat effective, essentially carbon free, and gaining in importance, but while significantly government subsidized, neither is adequate nor evolving fast enough. Geography inherently limits expansion of carbon free hydroelectric power. Capable of partial contribution to power grids, intermittent wind and solar powered electricity sources aren’t yet independently reliable, especially since “grid scale” battery storage is still at a formative stage of development, and which Gates believes is “a factor of 10 away from the economics” required. Nuclear technology is CO2 free, and may represent the next viable stage of carbon free power, but he believes there are daunting challenges “in terms of costs, big safety problems, making sure you can deal with the waste, making sure the plutonium isn’t used to make weapons.”

While Gates acknowledges that warming has not “exactly” correlated with “the climate models,” he still believes “it’s all within the error-bar range,” and that “there’s nothing that relieves this as a big problem.” He also acknowledges that exaggeration/association of non-carbon related, short-term affects, ie. “Pacific oscillation,” with actual greenhouse induced warming, can only “undermine the credibility,” for the benefit of “skeptics.” Nonetheless, he is adamant that “climate change keeps climbing all the time… summing, summing, summing, and adding up. So, as you get up to 2050, 2080, 2100, its effect overwhelms the Pacific oscillation,” why we critically require “an energy miracle,” which only greater research and “innovation” can provide.

However, Mr. Gates is optimistic about the future, regardless that coal and other hydrocarbons will continue to be major energy sources in India and other places. Stressing the importance of increased investment in research and development, whether private sector or government sourced, Gates is reconciled, even philosophical about this “uncertain process” which will eventually provide critical solutions, “because the whole modern economy and our lifestyles are an accumulation of innovations. So I want to tilt the odds in our favor by driving innovation at an unnaturally high pace, or more than its current business-as-usual course.” [1]

We can conjecture that the generally erudite Bill Gates may be caught up in an, arguably, only trendy, sensationalized and politically grounded issue, that of artificially induced “climate change.” He does have a lot of company, after all, but there are plenty of credible and qualified authorities who disagree that mankind generated carbon dioxide (pollution or plant food?) is really a critical factor and problem, or that radically reducing the use of hydrocarbons will actually protect the planet from the unnatural, catastrophic affects of Mr. Gates’ so-called “summing” affect, in the near or distant future. But his observations about the importance of innovation are certainly profound, especially considering his personal experience and contributions as a pioneer of the digital age, without which there would be no computer modeling to fuel the rampant speculation concerning man-made global warming. In any case, if you are worried about heat, perhaps nuclear (or biological) weapons in pathological hands should be of greater immediate concern.

[1] The Atlantic – November 2015 Issue – Energy Solutions (We Need an Energy Miracle) by James Bennet.



Dramatic License


A dramatic license implies an element of entitled, creative liberty, while (taking) dramatic license, alone, can infer an aspect of arbitrary exploitation. Regardless how we parse its definition, there is no doubt that it defines and embellishes contemporary life in countless ways, from literature, cinema, and theater to drama and marketing for television and radio production, as well as live entertainment and journalism.

In a post at, “Answered by The Community” responded that it is “used in most fictional movies- is where the script writers ( at times of necessity as period props can”t be found)- takes some liberties with the original story if it was a novel, to adapt it to the screen, The Academy even gives out Oscars for best adaptation of material from another media- okay- say a character in a novel is, say a Boxer, as it was in Hemingway’s (the Killers)- the movie version he was a racing driver, Hemingway understandably objected. Sometimes dramatic license is accidental- with period props or vehicles- sometimes it is deliberate.”

In another post at, “Anonymous” responded that “Dramatic license is when an actor/director go outside of the script and add their own interpretation to the physical text.”

Hemingway was probably more than a little perturbed, considering his novel was well known. But he still had his faculties, so to speak, and with his contract for royalties, he was no doubt crying all the way to the bank, perfectly entitled to his own dramatic license.

This is pure fun:

“Carolyn Marsh’s latest best-seller is a hot and sexy romance novel featuring a smoky-eyed swashbuckling Highland hero named Duncan MacLeod. – Standard YouTube License”

 Uploaded on Nov 16, 2009


Truth in Media and Journalism


Settled science or MSM PC complicity in a globally orchestrated, left-wing syndicate scam? The inconvenient truth of the hockey shtick:

“Originally broadcasted March 8, 2007 on British Channel 4.

A documentary, by British television producer Martin Durkin, which argues against the virtually unchallenged consensus that global warming is man-made. A statement from the makers of this film asserts that the scientific theory of anthropogenic global warming could very well be “the biggest scam of modern times.”

A must see for truth-seekers everywhere…”

(Standard YouTube License)


“The executioner’s face is always well hidden…”

(“Papa Hemingway in Cuba” – From and (A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna FallBob Dylan)

This is such a sad history lesson if you ever fell prey to the lionization of certain, now infamous historical figures, or idealized a literary giant who was ironically, at the time, enamored of them, apparently “life ain’t perfect…” But don’t doubt the veracity of this messenger because you’ve also inconveniently discovered your own context of morality to be naively mired more in the veneer and vanity of pop culture than substance. Hopefully Humberto Fontova’s lesson for us here will be remembered in history long after the heroic facade of Che Guevara uncovered, and Ernest Hemingway’s apparent foolishness at the time, has faded into the oblivion of history’s other mass murderers. There is only an element of resignation if you’ve discovered some truth which protects you from the guilt of fully complicit observers…



In this important article at, Humberto Fontova writes about the now common MSM dilution into liberal-left political correctness; an information-propaganda industry rife with convenient deception, subtle lying by omission and obsequious left “spin,” in this case involving a weekly television media “institution” which has (ironically) long pretended inviolable journalistic integrity. This casual, callous disregard for objective, comprehensive truth in reporting is no less than the soft betrayal of the most important victims of criminal, political conduct in our perplexing world. Perhaps they fear losing their travel and reporting access in the socialist paradise…

CBS Shills for Castro and Obama – Humberto … – Townhall

Last Sundays edition of CBS 60 Minutes featured the first ever interview with Allan … CBS Shills for Castro and Obama. Humberto Fontova | Dec 04, 2015 … View Full Article … 946,627 likes. Like PageLiked.



Freedom of Expression and Art


Where this is illegal, these pretty little ladies would be getting stoned (we’re not talking high here) by a certain dedicated group conspicuously opposed to an uncompromised First Amendment, while Mr. Trump (this is not necessarily an endorsement, or not) would surely be their loyal friend and defender. Their youthful brains may not yet be fully matured, so to speak, but their hearts are certainly in the right place; in any case, Thank Heaven For Little Girls:

Naked Porn Stars Hilariously Explain The Importance Of The First Amendment



The hypocrisy of leftist administrators and campus agitators would have eliminated this important test of free speech become history were it not for the courage of Mr. Shapiro and his audience in the face of violent left-wing intimidation:

“Ben Shapiro at CSU-LA Full Speech” (Published on Feb 26, 2016)


Timeless, “Forever Young”…


Democratic Capitalism, No Oxymoron


Venezuela today epitomizes the dismal reality of socialist economics and authoritarian government control. Everywhere radical leftists dominate affairs, it’s the common people who they purport to serve who suffer the most:

If you’re not young and strong, you’re out of luck shopping:

Venezuela  should be a veritable paradise with its petro and other vast resources. Its ocean geography and climate make it ideal for agriculture, international trade and a tourist mecca. Instead we witness the fruits of socialism, the inevitable end when self-important, autocratic leftist elites and their incompetent bureaucrats are empowered to control and micromanage every aspect of a nation and its people’s lives. What follows has too often ended in utter disaster and tragedy in history. Capitalism may not be perfect, but at least the shelves, especially for basic goods, aren’t empty:


The affects of fascism are a tragic history. This somewhat dated, but brilliant article by Lee Hieb, M.D. , OBAMACARE AND FASCISM IN AMERICA, provides a moment of clarity concerning America’s foolish capitulation to the Democratic Party and their “Pied Piper’s” cloaked left-wing healthcare agenda. They may not be Nazis, but the consequences of their policies are wreaking havoc on American lives, with potential long-term consequences. The Democrat agenda has been too much, too fast, in a bureaucratic, government controlled context, with no apparent regard for possible alternatives, or recognition that one of the roots of America’s healthcare crisis is itself the long-time government domination of the industry. One conspicuous problem with the left is that they only ever seem to know (or care) how to turn things in one direction…. This article compliments of the venerable WorldNetDaily

Obamacare and fascism in America

Jun 25, 2015 – She is past president of the Association of American Physicians and … And Obamacare – read Medicare on Steroids – is a government monopoly on medical care. …. Follow WND On …



“Narrated by Raheel Raza, president of Muslims Facing Tomorrow”


Respect, a conspicuous double standard…


Should the context for a contemporary dialogue concerning traditionally defined supersessionism be expanded? The traditional model (and definition) exclusively points to Christianity as a replacement theology specifically superceding its Judaic roots. Since the nineteenth century, with the dissemination of communications and greater geographic interconnection, its historic legacy has diffused into a more universal social mechanism, though It was never unusual for cultural groups to allege the preeminence of their own belief system over others.

For purposes of a relevant dialogue here, the original model should only be the beginning of an expanded exploration of the basic concept of supersessionism in a modern context, especially its association with contemporary fascist and totalitarian models, including Islam, National Socialism, Socialism and Communism, all claiming exceptional rights to supercede earlier and traditional structures of social and economic organization, including rules of ethical behavior and the limits of autocratic and bureaucratic power.

While this is salient to interdenominational conflicts, more interesting are its effects in intradenominational controversies, but with somewhat greater, everyday consequences and importance. Since the end of the nineteenth century, the political left has attempted to supplant the traditional religious-social status quo with its own ideological dogma, while emulating it (ironically) with an aggressive style of religious like authority, ostensibly modern, though essentially another variety of “replacement theology.”

Dialogue concerning recent Liberation Theology is of related interest, but most critical and compelling today are the geopolitical implications of the violent expansion of Islamic Jihad. In this expanded context, supersessionism is a grave international issue, far beyond the traditional Judeo-Christian model. Between the totalitarian ambitions of the radical left, its surrogates and soft allies, and the intrinsic cultural-theological obligations of Islamic Jihad, with its enormous demographic implications, human civilization is approaching the precipice of the severe erosion, if not demise, of personal liberty.

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